Presidents Report to the March General Meeting

Congratulations to the teams participating in the finals series.

It never rains but it pours. In our rules a tie for 1st, 2nd or 3rd is resolved by looking at the games between the tied teams. If they won a game each then we look at the runs differential for those games. If still tied we toss a coin. However a tie for 4th requires a midweek play-off to see who will contest the semis. No one misses a place in the post season because of percentages or a result that may not have reflected a team at full strength. Play offs are rare but this season we had two. Giants LL Minors 1 knocked out Marlins on Tuesday and Dolphins eliminated Giants from the JL 3 semis on Wednesday.

On Saturday there were a huge number of upsets. 4th placed teams knocking out the team that came 3rd, 2nd place teams qualifying first for the Grand Finals by rolling the Minor Premiers. In fact of the 12 Qualifying Semis 10 minor premiers were beaten. Obviously some people aren’t reading the script of what is supposed to happen and are suiting themselves. It was a very exciting semi-final weekend.

Being a baseball tragic I’ve had a forensic look and here are the results

LL Minors 2 Premiers St George went down 1 – 2 to East Hills who are now in the GF.

LL Minors 1 Premiers St George (again) were beaten 9 – 12 by Cronulla.

LL Majors saw St Pats/B Bay defeat Minor Premiers Cronulla 3 – 1

JL3 Marlins rolled Minor Premiers Yarrawarrah 12 – 9

JL2 run away competition leaders Bosco Navy were beaten by 2 – 8 by the East Hills babies (all bottom age including 3 LL age eligible)

JL1 saw Minor Premiers Marlins first into the GF after they held out Scots 4 – 3. In fact both JL semis were 4 – 3 results. I told you there were some incredibly tight games!

SL3 gave Vikings their first GF since they joined us (I think) after they demolished the higher placed Marlins 16 – 6

SL2 was just the second win for the home team when Comets Gold beat Marlins 8 – 4.

SL1 and yet again a run-away Minor Premier from Giants (won 91% of their games during the season) were beaten. In this case 7 – 3 by St Pats who are aiming for their 4th SL Championship in a row.

So already in the Grand Final:

East Hills Minors 2 and JL2, St Pats/B Bay LL Majors and SL1, Marlins JL3 &JL1, Cronulla Minors 1, Vikings SL3, Comets SL2.

Finals next weekend see the 3 x LL divisions all playing on the dedicated LL diamond at Chifley. The 3 x JL finals will be held on the clubhouse diamond at Barden Ridge. The SL finals are also at Chifley.

Finals Draw (which the secretary has sent to all clubs)

Chifley on the dedicated LL field

9.00 Minors 2          St George v Comets

11.00 Minors 1        St George v Giants

1.00 Majors             Cronulla v Scots

Barden Ridge clubhouse diamond

10.00 JL3      Tigers v Comets

12.30 JL2      Bosco Navy v St Pats/B Bay

3.00 JL1         Scots v Cronulla

Chifley  main diamond

Friday evening 6.30  SL1             Giants v Cronulla

Saturday 1.00 pm SL3                   Illawong White v Dolphins

                   3.30  SL2                        Illawong Blue v Giants

Grand Final Day will once again be at the Tom Evans/Bonnet Bay complex where the club have been outstanding hosts and supporters of the CSJBA for many years.

So which club didn’t have a single team in the post season? No one!!! All were represented. Great result for club baseball.

While the finals are taking a lot of the time of the CSJBA Executive and no doubt club Executives as they plan end of season presentations the rep scene has also been in full swing. We are still having trouble with the SL division where we have maybe 24 keen young baseballers who want to play at Blacktown International Sports Park at Easter. We think 24 as the numbers are still fluctuating. 26 to 28 would be much better. Also fluctuating are the number of hairs on Rep Co-ordinator James Donkin’s head as he grapples with the problems and tears a few out. We have coaches in Frank Fingleson, Jaedan Cavill and Matt Saunders. Not quite enough of them either.

It’s been suggested to me that Round 18 of the Tee Ball and Machine Pitch competitions is unnecessary. That those young players would be quite happy to finish with the baseball round robins and then get into their soccer and footy preseason activities. Do we want tee ball playing round 18? It is the tradition. I would point out that we deliberately scheduled more rounds than usual after Christmas this season to compensate for the late start caused by COVID (gee I’m sick of COVID interfering with the lives of my family and friends) and normally we only play 5 rounds. Perhaps this is another topic for discussion at a monthly meeting when planning next season’s calendar.

Another topic listed for discussion is the Constitution alterations recommended by Col Bowmaker. Col has dashed off down the coast for a break following the arduous Grade season and is an apology for our March meeting. Consequently it is my intention to defer presenting his Constitution changes until the April meeting when he will be present to speak to them. His Grade report will be sent out by the secretary.

Garry Everson, the BNSW Coaching Director, would like to address the clubs on the topic of accreditation. We are planning a face to face meeting with Garry in late March or April. He would like two representatives from each club to attend, one of whom is a significant member of the club executive.

Obstruction at 1st base (or any other base for that matter)

Not enough club coaches are educating their players that if they are not in the act of fielding the ball then they shouldn’t be standing on the base when a runner is coming though. This is especially prevalent at first base with an enthusiastic young first baseman ready and in position to receive the ball even though it was hit over an outfielders head. The batter, now baserunner, is entitled to cut the corner on a multiple base hit and if he/she is obstructed by a first baseman standing on the inside corner (or sometimes the middle of the base) umpires should be pointing and calling, “I have an obstruction at first”. That’s it; no further action is required unless the runner is put out by a narrow margin. Should that occur the umpire will consider if, in his/her judgement, the runner would have reached the base safely had the obstruction not occurred.

Unacceptable behaviour by a coach raises its ugly head again!

Last month I found it necessary to mention behaviour by team officials, spectators and players. It seems not everyone got the message as last weekend we received a report of a Machine Pitch Div 1 coach carrying on about a judgement decision. Everyone knows you can’t dispute, query or question a judgement call. On this occasion the umpire wasn’t an impressionable child perhaps unsure of how to react. It was an experienced adult and the coach, who is also experienced, was fortunate to remain in the game. The Executive are awaiting a written report to determine if a sanction should be applied.

Looking forward to the rest of the post season and debating with myself which games I will be attending on Saturday. It is so hard to decide as I’d like to see them all. Perhaps there’s a case for scheduling them all at the one venue as we do on Grand Final day.


Peter B